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Adrenal Disease in Ferrets

There is still much to be learned about ferrets and adrenal disease.
by Dr. Kemmerer Cottrell



  Is my ferret's surgery safe

In my practice, one of the most common questions asked when a ferret needs surgery is, "Is it safe?"  This is a very important question that should be asked. Before it is possible to answer this question, we must clarify and qualify several different aspects of ferret surgeries.
  You pet's surgery by Dr. Charles Weiss, DVM
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Disseminated Idiopathic Myositis

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Merial's PureVax Now Available

If you have been waiting to vaccinate your ferrets against distemper due to the backorder status of  Purevax, that status has been rectified.  Contact your vet for details.

United Vaccines axes ADV testing
As of January 25, 2006, United stopped accepting samples for their popular and accurate CEP ADV test.

Recommend References
Feeding a Sick Ferret
Featured/New Articles
  Ferrets, Rabbits & Rodents - Clinical Medicine and Surgery
Excellent book for the veterinarian, but not too technical for a serious ferret caretaker.

  Practical Techniques in Ferret Medicine
by Dr. Kemmerer Cottrell - Video available in DVD or VHS formats.

  Feeding a sick ferret

Learn the proper food and method to care for a ferret that won't eat.
  24 hour Lupron  Make sure you know which Lupron you are using to treat your ferret.
  Insulinoma  Recognizing the symptoms and emergency treatment procedures.
  Adrenal Disease and the Therapeutic Effect of Lupron - An excellent explanation of how and why Lupron helps adrenal disease.  By John Hines, Ph.D.

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Much of the information presented in this website was written by people with experience caring for ferrets, but unless specifically stated in the article, they are not veterinarians.

Ferrets that are sick should be seen by a qualified and experienced "ferret vet" immediately.   Ferrets often don't display signs of illness until it has become very serious and they can go downhill very fast.  Don't wait for answers from this web site or try any "home remedies" even if they are listed here.  Inappropriate treatment and "do-it-yourself" diagnosis can be life threatening to your ferret.

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